Timeshare CTO

An ongoing collaborative partnership with the goal of achieving real value from aligning appropriate solutions with business objectives. Value is further realized through an attempt to familiarize myself with the day to day operations of your business and anticipate future solutions and applications. I will continue to research technology trends in your sector and recommend solutions that I feel meet your unique needs. I will maintain an independent position and represent you and your interests during interactions with external vendors and providers of services outside of my ability. I can guide and mentor existing employees that have become the designate "IT person by default", to become more capable and effective in supporting your technology needs and services internally.

In this relationship I am at "arms length". I am accessible to you via phone, email, and/or text. I am onsite frequently, whether its responding to an issue that is unable to be resolved remotely, or performing ongoing preventative systems' maintenance/upgrades. Onsite visits do not incur travel charges with this relationship.

Partnerships begin with a 3 month "trial period" to see if this relationship is a good match for us. During this stage, billing is performed monthly at the end of the month and has a no questions asked termination policy.

After our initial 3 month period, if you decide that you like me and I provide value to you, we will meet and review whether the previously agreed upon hourly monthly commitment is adequate or excessive in supporting your needs and future project timelines, and adjust accordingly.

There is a minimum commitment of 20 hours/month for this level of relationship. If this exceeds your needs please review the standard support model to see if this model is a better fit for you.

From here on the partnership will have a minimum of a 6 month commitment. As always, if I cease to meet your expectations it still has the no questions asked termination policy.



Monthly Commitment


Discount over Standard Support

20-29 hours/month
$135/hr  10%
30-39 hours/month
$120/hr  20%
> 40 hours/month